CDM Cancer Fund

CDM Cancer Fund

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Thank you for visiting The Chris Delinski Memorial Cancer Fund's website!

We are a family and friend-oriented, non-profit organization, ran by volunteers and funded by donations from businesses and individuals local to the MD/DC/VA area.

The organization started over 25 years ago in honor of Chris Delinski, the oldest daughter to 14 children, a wife, and a mother.  Her family and friends held a picnic-type fundraiser to raise money to help with her treatment bills.  She sadly passed soon after her diagnosis with breast cancer, but her memory and the fund continues on in her honor, and has helped so many other individuals who too have fought similar battles.  Please see the "About Us" section to read more about the history of our organization.

The CDM Cancer Fund is different than other cancer-related fundraisers or organizations in that instead of raising money for cancer research, we raise money to provide quick financial assistance to individuals battling cancer, who are local to the MD/DC/VA area.  We don't just pay for medical treatment bills, but also pay household bills, such as mortgages, insurance bills, car payments, etc.  While we do believe that research is important to help find a cure to this horrible disease, we feel that there is not enough immediate support to the individuals and their families who are currently fighting or recovering from their personal battles.

It is devastating enough to not only have to hear the news and physically fight the disease, but it is also expensive, and we all know the added stress that financial hardships can add.  That is why the CDM Cancer Fund is organized to pay for both medical and household expenses, so that individuals and their families can focus solely on their treatments and recovery, and not have to worry about how to pay their bills or if they could lose their homes.

If you would like to make a donation, in any amount large or small, please visit the "Donate" section, or click the donate button below.

Again, thank you for visiting our page, please share with your friends and families, and thank you for your support! 

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