CDM Cancer Fund

CDM Cancer Fund

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The “Chris Delinski (Holson) Memorial Cancer Fund" began in 1985, when Chris was diagnosed with breast cancer. Treatments were not as advanced 30 years ago, and her medical bills quickly became difficult to keep up with, so our family and friends held a picnic-fundraiser on a family member’s farm. Although the fundraiser did alleviate many of Chris’ medical bills, she unfortunately lost her battle with cancer and passed away less than two years later. Christy was not the only family member we have lost to cancer: Christy’s sister, Bonny, was taken from us in 2003 by ovarian cancer, and in 2006, at just 18 years of age, Bonny’s son Casey was also taken from us by osteosarcoma.  We've also just lost Christy's oldest brother, Jimmy, this past April 2015.  Jimmy was one of the founders of the CDM Cancer Fund, and hosted the "early years" of our fundraiser events on his farm in Accokeek, MD (dunk tanks, 80's hair bands, and all!!)

Initially in Chris’ honor, and later in Bonny’s and Casey’s, our family decided to continue having the cancer benefit and other fundraisers to provide financial assistance to other individuals battling this disease. It continued as a picnic-fundraiser for about 9 more years, greatly expanding in size and profit. As the benefit gained much popularity, it eventually transitioned into a formal dinner-dance affair, as it still is today. Along with the tickets sold for the event, we raise most of the money from a silent auction, door-prize raffles, and mostly from the donations sent in by individuals, businesses, and organizations.

The consequences of chemotherapy treatments are often so devastating that the patients are not able to continue working. The resulting loss of wages compounds the impact of the disease on the individuals and their families. The “Chris Delinski (Holson) Memorial Fund” is different from other cancer-related fundraisers in that instead of raising money to go only to cancer research, we instead provide local individuals with direct, quick household assistance and enable them to live in the dignified manner they deserve while receiving treatment. 

Over the past 25 years, the fund has directly helped roughly 100 families in the Washington, DC-Metropolitan area, and provided approximately $170,000 in financial aid. Without our local supporters' continued generosity, quick assistance would not be possible. The individuals who we have helped greatly appreciate our support, but there are more who still need our help! 

Please make a donation to our fund so that we can continue helping others, or, please come join us at our next fundraiser! 

Thank you in advance for your help and support! 

The family of Chris Delinski (Holson), Jimmy Holson, and Bonny and Casey Watson